How to Write Diary Entry ?

From 6th class to 10th class in the writing section of English language paper Diary Entry is one of the most asked question. Students are often confused how to solve this question? Here are some of the easy steps to guide you to make a diary entry.

Make a remarking heading of the topic

Heading is the first and foremost requirement of a diary entry so the heading of the topic should be attractive and bold. You must choose a heading which make reader to read your to read your content.

Examples of headings: Most loving movement of my life or The adventure I went through or The call I received on Christmas. These are the headings which creates question in the mind of reader; what is next ? And he / she is compelled to read your content.

Date , place and by line

Under the heading mention date on which you are writing your diary entry, place where you are writing diary, and your name.

Examples : 23 October 2020, Delhi , By Ravinder Kumar Roheela.

Introduction of content

Here you can mention short introduction of the topic to create interest of the reader.

Example: Every one of us might have experienced most exited movements of life, here is the one I have experienced in my life.

This introduction makes your reader to read more of your content.


Here you have to mention the main content. Remember to keep the events in chronological order and keep raising interest of reader in every paragraph you write.


At the end of your content you must mention the summery of the content. Summery should be very short and to the point.

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