How to teach your child to write?

How to teach writing to kids ?

Most of the parents and teachers ask me “ How to teach a child to write?” or “ What syllabus should I follow to teach my child to write?”

Steps to teach writing:

Teaching a child to write is not an easy task but I found there are three steps to be followed. A child naturally follows these steps of Holding, Drawing and Writing. I call it “HDW” formula to teach a child to write. All of the teachers at my institute follow the same steps to teach children to write Alphabets and Numbers.

# Step-1: Teach to Hold

# Step-2: Teach to Draw

# Step-3: Teach to Write

Make learning a game:

Children like to play more then siting and learning something so a teacher should make a plan to teach child through games and activities.

# Ask to fill colors in given shapes

# Ask to make shapes like triangle, circle or square.

# Ask to draw one letter or number

# Use different things like pulses, toys, sand, etc to make some shapes or alphabets

# You can draw shapes and alphabets in air as well

# Use dotted worksheets

For every perfect work appreciate and gift something. It will encourage them to do more such activities.

Keep repeating but not one thing

Some children are slow learners, they forget what they have learned a day ago. A teacher need to make repeating syllabus but remember children don’t like too much repeating so be careful when you plan a syllabus.

For teaching a my institute my teachers use this syllabus:

English Alphabets

# A to D

# E to H

# A to H

# I to L

# M to P

# I to P

# A to P

# Q to U

# V to Z

# Q to Z

# A to Z

# A to H small letters

# I to P small Letters

# Q to Z small Letters

# A to Z small and capital

Hindi Alphabets




# उ – ऊ


# ओ – औ

# अं :

# क से ड

# च से ञ

# ट से ण

# त से न

# प से म

# य से श

# ष से त्र

# ज्ञ से श्र

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