How to teach counting ?

How to teach counting to kids ?

This is the most frequent question ever asked by parents of kids. Today I will tell you the easy way to teach your child counting. Teaching counting has three aspects: Making your child to pronounce the number, helping him / her to recognizes and making the shape of number , and counting things.

There are some activity we can do:

1. Count things with your child :

Sit with your child and count toys or anything you find near you. Say the counting and let the child also say the same. Don’t try to make them say at once because some children are slow in learning you have to give them time to pick up. In the beginning you can start with two numbers and then you can move forward.

2. Show number shapes and count :

When your child is able to pronounce numbers, you can take him / her to next step that is to recognize the shape of numbers. Here you can use number chart or number toys or place card. Say a number and ask him / her to get the number card or toy. Another way is to make your child to find similar things and count.

3. Teach to draw shape of number:

Once your child is able to recognize shapes of numbers you can help them to draw number shapes 0 to 9. it will take time for that you can use dotted worksheets or you can draw dots for the child.

4. Counting and writing:

Now you can give them task of counting and writing. In your daily life you can make your child involved in activities of counting.

Remember: Your child can learn if you give time to him / her. Your time is needed the most for making your child able to perform in best way.

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