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What age should child write alphabet?

This is the question asked by most of the parents when they visit me in my coaching class. There is a process of learning to write and every child grow up own his/ her own capability. Let me first tell you the process of learning to write:

  1. learn to hold ( Above 6 months)

At the age of six month or more normally a child start holding things. Like toys and other things in this age we can help them to hold pen or pencils. Don’t worry if your child is taking time in holding pencil. It will take time. Six moth to one year old child can learn to hold.

  1. Learn to draw ( 1 year to 3 year )

Now drawing comes. When your child learn to hold pencil you can help them to draw anything. Don’t worry the shape of line he /she will draw will not be perfect but slowly the child will start drawing lines and circles.

You can help your child to draw some basic patterns like: dots, standing line, sleeping line, circle, slanting line, and curves. You can help the child by giving them dotted worksheets. It will help the child to hold the pencil and draw. His / her hand mussels will become stronger and the child will start making perfect patterns.

  1. Learn to memorize shape and sound ( 2 to 3 years )

After learning the basic patterns you child can lean to write alphabets but not at once. You have to help the child to remember shape and sound of alphabet one by one. Some children learn fast some learn slow. Some time learning all they may forget because of confusion. Some time your child will make mistake in recognizing shapes of alphabets because of confusion.

Here we have to help them to differentiate one shape and sound from other two common sound like P and B can make the child confuse. And two common shapes like M and W can make them confuse. Every child is different and if he / she makes mistake, don’t shout or scold but try to understand the reason.

There are most common reason children make mistake in writing letters are :

  • Confusion

  • Memory problem

  • Unpleasing learning environment

  • Rude behavior of teacher

  • No interest in learning

  1. learn to write words ( 4 to 5 years )

After learning to write alphabets children can learn to write words. We must always start with two letter words, then gradually move to three, four , and five letters words. This is the stage where your child will start learning to spell words. Here he need to memorize spellings of words. At the same time he / she will learn to read also.

  1. learn to form sentences ( 5 years above )

Reading words and writing words are the basics of language. After this stage children start reading and forming sentences. Here we have to make sure that children are able go get some story books which they can read. Giving copying task to children at this stage will help them to learn to write sentences. They will develop understanding of language as well.

  1. learn to think and write ( 7 years above )

Thinking and writing is the fruit of the previous five steps. If all have been done with care then the sixth one will be developed.


What Will I Learn?

  • This course is going to help children in learning to write alphabets and numbers. Kids will start wrting though this course

Topics for this course

32 Lessons

Module-1 Wrting English Alphabets?

In this section kid's will learn to write English Alphabets
Lesson-1 Basic Writing Stocks00:6:07
Lesson-2 Wrting A to D00:3:52
Lesson-3 Wrting E to H00:5:33
Lesson-4 Wrting A to H00:08:16
Lesson-5 Wrting I to L00:05:14
Lesson-6 Writing M to P00:05:10
Lesson-7 Writing I to P00:08:15
Lesson-8 Writing A to P00:12:51
Lesson-9 Wrting Q to U00:06:17
Lesson-10 Writing V to Z00:07:00
Lesson-11 Writing Q to Z00:10:16
Lesson-12 Writing A to Z00:22:31
Lesson-13 Writing a to h Small Letters00:06:22
Lesson-14 Writing i to p Small Letters00:06:51
Lesson-15 Writing q to z Small Letters00:08:43
Lesson-16 Writing A to Z Capital & Small00:21:41

Module-2 Wrting Numbers?

In this section Kids will learn to write Numbers

Module-3 Writing Hindi Alphabets?

In this section Kids will learn to write Hindi Alphabets

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My son love this course ! The way Ravinder sir teach children is very nice. I would like to say thanks to ravinder sir for the course

Hi this is shifa parveen ! I am a pre School teacher but it was very hard for me to teach my students writing alphabets and numbers but this course helped me a lote just in 200 rupee I got this course and now all my students can learn from it. I think it is a good investment in the course. The best part of the course is it has very nice PDF worksheets for step by step learning.. I recomend this course for all teachers and students who are starting their studies.. thank you Ravinder sir

My son is two and half years old he is learning through this course. In first two three days he started to learn. now he is master in wring alphabets and numbers he can read all the alphabets. I was worried but now I am happy sith my son and Mr. Ravinder Kumar he is such a nice man ........thank you sir.....

Thank you so much for your kind Feedback Mrs Simran.........

I am simran from Panjab. I have a 2 years old daughter. she has learned a lot from this course. I think this course is best for all the kids who are going to start their schools. I found it very helpful because I got all I needed for teaching my daughter. It has PDF worksheets which I can print out and give my daughter to practice over it. She enjoy the videos also. Now She has learned so much. Thank you so much Ravinder Sir ………...

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