Learn to Write English Alphabets

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About Course

Learning to write alphabets is the first step into the world of language. Here in this course your kids will learn to write English Alphabets by watching online videos.


This is the very basic course for kids who are starting to write. Most of the parents asked me ” How can they teach their kids writing alphabets?”, here is the solution of the problem. you can play the video and let your kids learn by watching the video. We have used the green background for keeping kids eyes safe from UVRs. Kids can learn by them self by watching the videos.

What Will I Learn?

  • Kids can lean to write English Alphabets
  • Kids can recognize alphabets
  • Kids can learn to pronounce alphabets
  • Kids can Learn to recognize things around them

Topics for this course

16 Lessons1h 30m

Wrtiting English Alphabets?

This Module contains some of the basic shapes and lines along with all English alphabets.
Lesson-1 Basic Writing Stocks00:06:07
Lesson-2 Wrting A to D00:03:52
Lesson-3 Wrting E to H00:05:33
Lesson-4 Wrting A to H00:08:16
Lesson-5 Wrting I to L00:05:14
Lesson-6 Writing M to P00:05:10
Lesson-7 Writing I to P00:08:15
Lesson-8 Writing A to P00:12:51
Lesson-9 Wrting Q to U00:06:17
Lesson-10 Writing V to Z00:07:00
Lesson-11 Writing Q to Z00:10:16
Lesson-12 Writing A to Z00:22:31
Lesson-13 Writing a to h Small Letters00:06:22
Lesson-14 Writing i to p Small Letters00:06:51
Lesson-15 Writing q to z Small Letters00:08:43
Lesson-16 Writing A to Z Capital & Small00:21:41

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