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About Course

The whole course is divided in three modules: Registration process in online teaching program, writing course, and creating and promoting the course. The entire course is a step by step guide to make an online course. Course includes online video lecture collection, quiz to test your level of understanding, and a full demo course format PDF file.


As the world is changing rapidly and Education is becoming digital, there is a fast growing need for online courses. Many of the teachers wants to teach online but they have no Idea, how they can teach online. There are two type of online teaching: Live classes and Online courses. The most beneficial style of online teaching is making online courses. In the online course students and teachers both are comfortable.

In this course you will learn: How to create and promote your online course. In this course you will get Video lectures, PDF Notes , and Quiz. You can watch tutorial videos , download script formats, and to know your level of understanding you can test yourself by attempting the quiz. You can also send your doubts and questions to your mentor. At the end of the course you will be a perfect online teacher.

What Will I Learn?

  • Register in a online course making site free of cost.
  • Create and sale an online course.
  • Get more freedom and money.
  • Reach more students.
  • Enhance your skill of teaching online.
  • Get equipped with new skills.

Topics for this course

24 Lessons02h 55m 06s

Module-1 Get to know the program?

Online teaching program by Eiglewings Educational institute is basically a program to help online teachers to make online course. In this module online teachers can learn how they can start teaching online by making online courses. The module begins with the introduction of the program and it gives details of whole process of course making on Eiglewings’ website. It ends with the guidance to join the training program. The whole module has six lessons with quiz to check your level of understanding.
Introduction to Program00:04:54
Introduction to Program
Lesson-1 The Process of Course making00:02:08
Lesson-1 The Process of Course making
Lesson-2 Instructor Registration00:02:11
Lesson-2 Instructor Registration
Lesson-3 Demonstration Sending00:01:08
Lesson-3 Demonstration Sending
Lesson-4 User Account Updating00:03:32
Lesson-4 User Account Updating
Lesson-5 Starting Training00:00:52
Lesson-5 Starting Training

Module-2 Writing the Course?

Before crating an online course you need some preparations. This module will help you go through all the points of preparation of the course. Basically this module will teach us to prepare date for the course: Course plan, Description, SEO details, Lesson Script, Creating quiz data sheet, Practicing script, shooting and editing videos, making thumbnails, and getting embed code from YouTube. All what we need before creating the course will be prepared here. Infect this is the main part of the training.

Module-3 Creating and Promoting course?

After creating data for the course you have to upload the course on website. In this module we will discuss about creating and promoting of the course. You will learn to create modules, lessons, and quiz and also learn to promote your course on free online platforms.

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Hi, I want to thanks Eiglewings Educational Institute for the course they have created. I am MSc. but due to an unfortunate accident I lost my both the lags. I was sitting at home since last three years. But Now I got an Idea to us my knowledge. I will make a course and put it on this website..

It was a good experience to learn how to make course through your videos. I really liked the flexibility of this training course. I think it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow.😊

The online training course for creating course is on of the best opportunity for me. I am a house wife wanted to work from home now I can create courses and sale them....


Material Includes

  • Course Planning Demo PDF
  • Basic Detail Demo PDF
  • Course Script Demo PDF
  • Embed Code Demo PDF
  • Modules & Lesson Data sheet Demo PDF
  • Quiz Data Sheet Demo PDF
  • 24 Video Lectures
  • 24 Quiz


  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • Interest in teaching online
  • Familiarity with mobile phone video making
  • knowledge of the subject you want to teach

Target Audience

  • Teachers
  • Professionals
  • Coach
  • Motivational speakers
  • Trainers
  • Artists who wants to share their knowledge with the world.
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